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Discover a world of exceptional talent as we curate, promote and celebrate the unique perspectives of Brazil's best artists. Join us in our mission to nurture and elevate your creative potential.

About Us

Our History: A Passionate Voice for Art

At Ars Conart, we are dedicated to empowering artists by providing expert guidance, resources and opportunities that allow their voices to be heard and their art to flourish.



Tailored Consulting

Our suite of services includes commercial and digital advisory, content management and curation, collection management, art evaluations and financial management, all designed to leverage and elevate the work of Brazil's artistic talent.


A Showcase of Artistic Excellence

Explore our curated selection of successful projects and collaborations, highlighting the diversity, creativity and unique vision of Brazil's leading artists.



Insights & Art

Keep up to date with the latest industry trends, artist interviews and event announcements, all focused on the vibrant world of Brazilian art.


Engage, Learn and Grow: Empowering Artists Through Events

Join our line-up of events, workshops and webinars designed to inspire, educate and connect Brazilian artists with opportunities for growth and visibility.


25 Sep, 2022- 29 Sep, 2022

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30 Sep, 2022 – 05 Oct, 2022

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15 Oct, 2022 – 25 Oct, 2022

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Get in touch to find out more about our services, events or collaborations. Join us in our mission to elevate the voices and creativity of Brazil's artists.

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